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More Then Life Itself

Thur out my reach i can feel it my life’s upside down i need to pivid the picture so livid now i can stand on my feet and get whats comein i feel so angry at times this for my family is hungry times so i gotta get it n grind people dont uderstand they jus get it n bind for me its shakin that last screw screw loose i could induce the pain that people put on me if itz the last thing immna do i gotta lot to say before the credits roll takein back whats mine till the end i consider myself a friend. People jus wanna hear u say it again or jus wanna see u rott infront off u n i think in pictures cuz i no what i need see this thu say goodbye to the person closet to u its a thought but it never acured to me that i wanna the one who really need u then its on overtime please jus say its done this time then i can go threw what i was put here to do no crew no blue no family no n i love u hope this gets to u before the rents due flying threw the wire like electricuty make sure these muthafuckrz remember me sorry for the pain ive caused i never thought that the most hated person in the world was you i have to drop u a line somethime with a buncha money told u i d make it boo wait till i come gettcha n show u what i really could do no more fussin n fightin for nothin just awhole lot of diamonds and a person to help you too i no i ll b back in ur love sometime jus wait but its lile a train babe jus dont be late come alone n i cau show u what i owe to u and pay u back for all the tings that i put you thu

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Life of a father

  • Today was the day i watched my to babies aged 13 months and 2 months tommorow. It really does take out alot on a person i kinda no how their mother feels now. You want ur kids to grow up knowing you are there for them and provide for them buy any means éther you have a job you hussle on the street or steal for them. A wise person once told me as long as you can stay alive to watch your last born kid grow in front of your eyes then you have done your part in this world.

Things i would like to do for my kids are something i never had like them haveing a father there their whole life untill they are ready to take on the world. Most people get caught up in the game we call life and have no time to watch seeds grow, instead they take kids welfare or family allowance and spend it on drinking or buying what they want. I hope we can start to have somebody like great suppression people we once had that continue to teach people and fight for our rivhts as a human being, if so one day i hope to be a person like this.

I myself and family continue to have a hard time weather its a drunk landlord just trying everything in her not so much power she has to make our lifes harder n difficult, to the bills and economy going to shit am i the only person wanting to do something about the people they let in this country? My powers at twenty-two hundred after couple months after i just dished out 1400 last month my energys bout the same my waters at six something because we have had no energy for couple months now because we have to boil water for the little ones for a bath. I continue to look for work n love canada but the world we are liveing in is certainly not working anymore . Foreign workers out work up they are currently not giving jobs to canadians and hire there own family or friends. I v e been told that at a couple jobs like ehy let someone start a business if they are not going to canadians struggling and striveing to make rnds meet that are already here.

I am a father of five and my oldest is 13 and i am 27 you do the math i ve been on my own since i was 14 i still havent gave up and dont plan on it i need to get my voice out there and be heard. Somethimes i sit back and wonder why rich people hit the lottery or get good jobs u would take one look at me and say to urself “i dont trust him look at his eyes hes crazy”. Makes me wonder how many people would be able to switch places with me . I am the most trustworthy person you would ever know i try praying and asking for help but i get the same outcome.I gave a lot to everybody when i had it and lost alot of friends i think i am down to two real friends that live like me or close to what ive been threw but not exactly . Alot though i wonder what am i to do anymore what have i done so bad to to have bad karma.. Then i think i will try again this week maybe i will meet an angel sent to me to guide me to a better place that i am in now . I ve done alot of bad things when i was a kid but do my kids have to suffer for it ? Am i and their mother all they got because the world is not round its crooked people just want what they can get from you as long as they are happy fuck you 🙂


Post a forture cookie i got the other day idk what to think of it.

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